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To engage proactively with over 3,000 senior global finance delegates, we have the following range of sponsorship opportunities:

  • Daily theme sponsorship (2 available) USD10,000

  • Keynote speech sponsorship (2 available) USD10,000

  • FInEx Talk sponsorship (16 available) USD2,500

  • Exhibitor sponsorship - create a virtual interactive exhibition stand to demonstrate your brand and offerings. USD 5,000

There are additional but limited sponsorship opportunities to proactively engage with and promote your brand to thousands of Global Finance Executives.

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Please contact:

Russell Yeomans:

+971 55 504 3620

James Yeomans:

+971 50 481 6277

Zeeshan Umer:

+971 52 952 2010



AARO is a leading Corporate Performance Reporting and Management solution. Trusted by hundreds of groups globally. Developed by Aaro Systems AB.

Group Reporting | Consolidation | IFRS16 

Analysis | Integration

AARO has






countries worldwide

Our mission is to make your consolidation, analysis, and group reporting easier, faster, and more transparent than that of all other groups.

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CFO.University is built around the Four Pillars of CFO Success. These Pillars are supported with Core Competencies. Our framework allows you to master your role as a senior financial officer. The Four Pillars are made up of:

Accounting – Governance & Controls, Transaction Recording and Reporting

Finance – Business Planning, Financial Forecasting and Investment Analysis

Treasury – Cash Management, Funding (Capital Raising) and Risk Management

Leadership – Self Awareness, Team Building and Strategy & Culture

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