Managing Mayhem in Times of Uncertainty 

Speakers: Anand Soni, Nilly Essaides, Andrew Jenkins and Zeeshan Umer (moderator)

Finance Leaders and their Role as a Finance Business Partner 

Speaker: Anders Liu-Lindberg

How Leaders Pave the Way for High Performance & Financial Success 

Speaker: Sangeeta Sumesh

The Future of Finance Leadership 

Speakers: Russell Yeomans (moderator), Steve Rosvold, Andy Burrows and Talita Ferreira

Innovations in Modelling CFOs Must Know 

Speakers: Carl Seidman, Khaled Chowdhury, Betsy MacLean and Brian Lapidus FP&A (moderator)

CFO Clarity - Predicting the Future Using Data Analytics 

Speakers: Brian Kalish, Jesper Sorenson, Chris Argent and Andrew Codd (moderator)

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